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How many topics can Colin cover in one show?


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When I first moved over to public radio, I wondered if I'd ever do shows like the one I did in my old job. You know, where you cover a lot of different segments in much smaller bites. Public radio provides such a great opportunity to go into depth. It almost seems a shame or a sacrilege to chop it all up. So we decided to do that.

Just for one day.

Today's we'll cut the show into six segments and feature a Chekhov festival in New Britain and episode of Let Us Correct You, an audio essay by fresh young voice, a spear throwing contest in Hammonasset, a man who accurately predicts Nobel prize winners and the announcement of a new international holiday to be spread by social media in the next 14 days.

Does that add up to six? If it doesn't there may be a guest lost on some other floor of the building. We should have a lot fun as long as one of the spears doesn't stab Uncle Vanya by mistake.


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