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CMS: Eating Animals
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Exploring America's complicated relationship with its meat.


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If you have any soul at all, you are going to have days when the whole issue of eating meat becomes, well, an issue.

Unless you have already stopped. We know animals can suffer. And there is no way to eat them without  making them suffer. So you can be a vegan or a vegetarian. You can do what I do and refuse to buy meat from anyone except a local farmer. Or you can just say the heck with it, which is what most people do. It's one of those constant human dialogues that really never crests or breaks. It just sloshes along. We seem to have re-engaged the issue a little, thanks to a new book by Jonathan Safran Foer. He's a guest on the show today, talking with Erica Andrews who raises animals for meat. The New Haven Review's Mark Oppenheimer has written about the same issues for Slate, and essayist Theresa Kramer from The Cut has her own story to tell. They're all here today for a carnivore show.

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Listener E-mail from Linda

The CT Farm-to-Chef Program just hosted a workshop for local chefs on the topic of locally raised, grass-fed meats. It's written up in this newsletter http://www..ct.gov/doag/lib/doag/FTC_November_2009.pdf Please let your listeners know that there ARE restaurants, schools, dining halls, and yes, even hospitals, who do care about this and who are using humanely raised meats.

Listener E-mail from Emelia


I'm listening to your show now with the author of "Eating Animals" (I hope I have the title correct) with you on a farm. Would you please ask the woman running the farm (Erica?) if she slaughters the animals on the same, seemingly peaceful property where their rasied? I understand that, legally, one is only allowed to kill chickens on one's own property, no larger animal. If she is putting in such a large amount of effort in raising these animals "cruelty-free," we should look into what happens to them on their last day.
  Thank you!!                    -Emelia
PS- Proud vegan, I love animals and choose to fore-go animal products for ethical reasons. I support those who do not see "my way," but will facilitate as many resources as I can to convince others to join-up and Go Veg!!!!

meat eat

Vegans are trying to elevate the human race, unfortunately our primordial instincts are too strong and 90% of the population will eat the weaker animals, I know some celebs that claim to be vegan, only to see them eating out of the meat cooler on film shoots,  I too eat meat, and often am bothered by it, I try to buy only organic and non hormonal meat but know that this is just a marketing ploy since these things are for the eater's benefit not the eaten's

I hope in the next generation the vegans catch on I know if I ever have kids they will be weened off meats.