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CMS: Canine Cognition
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Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?


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Well, there's some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that, no matter what you think, your dog Fluffy cannot really read the New York Times or follow the plot of most prime time TV shows. Except maybe "Two and a Half Men."

The good news -- well, maybe it's good news -- is that when you walk your dog and she stops and smells and stops and smells and stops and smells, in addition to driving your slightly crazy, she's doing the equivalent of reading "Anna Karenina," if the characters in Anna Karenina spent a lot more time urinating in public ...

Alexandra Horowicz has distilled much of what we know about canine cognition into a new book "Inside of a Dog." We'll also talk to an expert in canine conditioning. How much exercise do dogs need?


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