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CMS: Defining Freeganism
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Anti-consumerists, vegans, environmentalists - freegans are a lot of things, but what do they do?


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One "advantage" of financial setbacks is that they retrain your eyes to look at the curbside. If you're young and underpaid, recently separated, or laid off, you're more likely to understand and appreciate the amazing world of stuff people are getting rid of.

Just because it has become worthless to them does not mean it's really worthless. So...that bookcase is free. This other one is $450. Yes, it's newer and nicer; but they both hold books, and with a little sanding and a small amount of paint, the quality gap gets even narrower.

Meanwhile, the mass culture that undergirds our economy is telling us we need new furniture and $30,000 cars and restaurant meals and lot and lots of beer. OK, the beer part is hard to get around, but today you'll meet people asking some questions about the other stuff. Why should you pay for everything. What would happen if you didn't.

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***This broadcast originally aired Feb. 18, 2010.***

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