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The Culture Dogs are back to chat about Sunday night's Oscars.


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If I seem a little crabby this morning, it's because I've already had to listen to a 40 minute soliloquy from Bill Curry about how much better Avatar is than The Hurt Locker. And he hasn't even seen The Hurt Locker. He thought it was a chain of stores where they sell sports equipment and band-aids ...

But it kind of is true that you can divide the between Avatar-worshippers like Curry and and our Libby Conn and people like me, who really don't think much of the movie.

Anyway, the nice thing about the Oscars is the way they provide a moment for all of us to spout off about movies and culture. Assuming you think that's a nice thing. Today, the spouting is provided by the Culture Dogs, a duo of movie geeks who constitute a kind of collective cyborg internet movie data base.

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Listener E-mail from Thomas

The title is slang for being injured in an explosion, as in "they sent him to the hurt locker".[7] or for "a place of ultimate pain."[8] It dates back to the Vietnam War, where it was one of several phrases meaning "in trouble or at a disadvantage; in bad shape."[9] Wikipedia