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Just why are Americans so crazy for coffee?


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From the moment the fruit of the coffee bush was first harvested and consumed -- probably in Ethiopia -- humankind knew it was dealing with some serious stuff. In some cultures, it was a religious beverage, banned from secular use. In others, it had political qualities, as it became a reason to gather and talk and get jacked up in a more purposeful, coherent  way than was provided by the alehouse.
Today, the world drinks a lot of coffee, some of it served in pristine form and some of it mixed with every manner of cream, sugar, syrup and topping.  On today's Colin McEnroe show, we'll be looking at coffee from a lot of different angles.

Nell Newman led her family company -- Newman's Own Organic -- into the promised land of organic coffee and then got the drink into McDonald's.

Bean and Leaf in New London is one of several small coffee roasters around the state. And then there's you. What does coffee mean to you these days?

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Andrew's Comment (above)

Colin is a "beacon of light in the darkness."  I daresay NPR is a tad "precious."

Great Show

I commonly frequent the Bean & Leaf in New London and they truly do have some of the best coffee I've ever tasted.  Thank you for the informative show Colin!

Great show!

I'm a bit of a coffee snob myself and I was thrilled to hear Colin's program today about coffee! I've been to the Bean and Leaf before and I must say, their House Blend and other coffees are tremendously delicious. I've been listening to the Colin McEnroe program since it came to CTPR and I'm just thrilled- keep up the great work!!

Listener E-mail from Anonymous

I just wanted to make sure you all made mention Bill Sze (correct
spelling) of jojo's coffee.
He's madly obsessive about his roasting and espresso. there's also a much renown guy in Massachusetts, named george howell who i think helped teach one of your guests some of his roasting skills.

Listener E-mail from Frank

Can't talk about ct coffee without mentioning mark orintas bare beans in new haven. He had perfect roasts and somebody should help him bring it back.