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CMS: Dodd Bids Farewell
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Former Gov. Lowell Weicker fronts a discussion on Sen. Chris Dodd's announcement to not seek re-election.


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Let me drop all pretense of impartiality for a moment and say this: Those of us who like and respect Chris Dodd are breathing a sigh of relief today. The one thing I didn't want to watch was Dodd running his Senate race all the way to the wire and losing. And I think that was a real possibility.

Dodd is ending a 30-year tenure in the Senate, but the other important number is 40. In 1970, his father Thomas Dodd, bruised and batted by a Senate censure, ran in a three-way race that elected Lowell P. Weicker.  If you know Chris Dodd at all, you know he is haunted by his love for his father. His career has always run on two tracks: his ambition for himself and his unquenchable need to redeem Tom Dodd. That story will now, over the next 12 months, draw to a dignified close, and a new chapter in Connecticut politics will open up.

Former Governor Lowell Weicker joins us to talk about the past and the future of Chris Dodd.

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Good old Lowell P. Weiker

Good old Lowell P. Weiker Junior, every bit as out of touch as ChrisDodd. The most despised governor in Connecticut history, ran on a no tax increase, no income tax platform and then hit us with the biggest tax increase in memory in the form of an income tax at the beginning of a recession that we never recovered from. Good riddance to both of the pompus, lying, incompetent bunglers

Listener E-mail from Bob

Caught your comments today about the Republican candidates for Dodd's senate seat. You mentioned Simmons and McMahon but left out Peter Schiff. He has strong fund raising support (was the first to raise over
$1 million in the race) and he is a very strong candidate because he can get the vote of independents like me (some would call me a liberal) who realize that what this country needs now is fiscal responsibility in government. We face serious consequences if that does not happen (i.e.
Germany post WWI).

I urge you to check out Peter Schiff, he does a one hour long radio show/podcast each week and also does frequent video blogs. He understands real economics and in his books predicted the economic problems that we have and explained why they would happen. He would be a great guest on your show, much better investment advice then the conventional wisdom handed out by the finacial planners that you had on your show a few weeks ago.