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CMS: Bring on the Birds!
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What are activists doing to help threatened birds throughout the state?


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The population and behavior of birds around Connecticut have both changed dramatically, often as a result of what appears to be a pincer movement of habitat destruction and climate change.

As we know, you can't pull one animal out of the ecosystem jigsaw puzzle. What happens to one has implications for all. So today, we'll look at changes in the state's bird population and -- because we like to be positive, even about climate change -- talk about some useful steps being taken to save as much habitat as possible.

And on the less friendly end, what about Canada geese? They seem to have too good a niche. In the second part of our show we'll discuss the degree to which they're a problem and what constitutes acceptable "abatement."  If you know what I mean.

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Listener E-mail from Alan

Do not leave the swan out of the discussion about troublesome birds.   Very aggressive, clears out ducks, grebes, and other birds, destructive of habitat.

Those who observe them and simplistic think what a grand and noble bird miss that epitomizes the harmony of nature.  Wrong!!

Listener E-mail from Tom

Just a note.....you might have brought this up but, How about pullin' a Chuck Dickens and giving out a few Christmas geese to those with need of Christmas Dinner?