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Experts (and amateurs) talk about what it's like to formulate a bracket for March Madness.


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Bill Curry joins comedian Julia Pistell to talk bracketology. What goes into predicting tournament winners? How much of it is luck? How much of it is skill?

Every year, the madness gets madder. More pools; more brackets; less productivity in the workplace as the American people become for a few weeks, self-identified experts on college basketball, become the kind of people who might actually sneak out of work to catch some of the action between the Catamounts and the Demon Deacons.

Maybe it's because this is one sports event that really does have something for everybody and manages to deliver, now and then, on the hype the precedes it.

It's also a great leveler. We are, after all, trying to predict the collective efforts of 20-year-old college students. How predictable were you at that stag? I'm pretty sure I had 8 distinct personalities. So if you consider extraneous factors, such as whether you like gophers or your loathing for an ex-boyfriend who went to Baylor, your chances aren't that different from the expert at ESPN.

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Listener E-mail from Karl

Please discuss correcting the "play-in game". It's not bad enought that the winner, Arkansas Pine Bluff, had a brutal road schedule, losing all their elective (non-conference) games. About ten of these were against power conference teams; proverbial "guaranteed wins", the rest were against mid-majors.

The worst part is: Winthrop, who lost to APB, doesn't even get to get destroyed by a #1 seed. Of course, APB will lose their real first game. (Someday a #16 will beat a #1, but not this year.) Winthrop doesn't even get that real game.

If there's a reason the play-in game shouldn't be between the two lowest major conference teams, I'd like to hear it. (This year Minnesota and Washington would be that pair, I think.)

PS Derrick Z. Jackson has another column out about graduation rates for big-time college athletes. It's a bit worrisome that he can write the same piece each year and just substitutes some names and numbers.

Listener E-mail from Margy


I grew up in Montana and am a UM alum - they are a great school! Thought you'd enjoy this link about sophomore player Derek Selvig.
Go Grizz!!

Listener E-mail from Sheila

I just came in from the perfect vespa ride on a vacation day morning, am getting ready for a meeting with a sunny day smile on my face, turn on your show and all I hear is jealous bashing of my Orange alma mater.
Colin!  The bitterness I still endure, after 20 years here in CT.  Jimmy B. rocked in 1985 when I graduated, and he still is a hoops mover and shaker.

Love your show!

Listener E-mail from Wayne


It's pronounced like in "zig-zag."