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CMS: Birthday Bash
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Listener feedback! White shirts! Skahill lies! Black holes! It's a grab bag for Colin's birthday!


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OK, so there are several things going on  today. Yes, it is my birthday, and yes, we have declared it International Wear A White Shirt Day and, no, we have not figured out yet whether that was a really cool thing to do or whether we, here in the Dankosky building, are like some kind of fundamentalist cult or British boarding school for odd-looking children as we walk around in our white shirts.

We're also introducing a new segment featuring the adventures of our producer Patrick Skahill. And we're learning the truth about black holes on Let Us Correct You. 

But the most important thing we're doing is letting you have a say about the show at roughly the half-way mark of our first 13-week cycle. And we're doing it on my birthday in the hopes that you will feel less inclined to hurt my feelings. But we're serious about getting your suggestions, so e-mail [email protected] with ideas for our future shows and ways Chion Wolf could play a bigger role in your life.

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So far

So far, mostly good. Good enough that you deserved a happy birthday. Some things I like a lot:

Theme music; brighter-than-average guests (John Basinger! Gail Collins!); eclectic format, especially your mix of music-oriented people; topical and political humor; Colin's and Chion's generally good diction and ability not to mangle their words (a big irritation with some other WNPR announcers).

Things I could do without:

Stuffed shirts and blowhards (such as Bowzer); sports; call-in format in general -- spare us people who have nothing to say but say it anyway; Chion's unremitting cheeriness; inside jokes that seem not so funny, like "The part of Bill Curry was played by..."; the truly ludicrous security requirement to submitting these comments --- who can read those letters when they're streaked in black and gray???

Summing up -- a breath of fresh air on WNPR. Maybe one of these days Susan Forbes Hanson will show up...

theme song

I thought I heard you talking about a theme show for the show.

If you're thinking about doing this, I had this idea -- blah blah blah, by Lara Herscovitch,

who happens to be the Connecticut State Troubadour.

Here's the link: www.laramarecords.com/music-26.html


This has got to be the most difficult and therefore 

stupidest freaking security measure I have ever encountered!!!!!


Listener E-mail from Irene

Colin, I'm a long time listener, not a caller. What I like is your versatility: your writers eye shows in your comments on life in 2009; your ability to express your unique perspective on important topics; your ability to have fun with certain topics of import; your ability to have fun. I enjoyed the white shirt tale.I'm listening to NPR because I followed you from WTIC. Great move for both of us.


Listener E-mail from Patrice

I, for one, don't like Chion's radio persona or her voice very much...
Though I'm sure she's a very nice person.  She sounds entirely artificial to me... Kinda cutesy.  It just doesn't work for me.  Maybe men love it?

And I was stunned to see that she is actually a tattooed, funky looking sort of woman.  I must be getting old, because I don't really approve of tattoos.
I keep thinking of how they're going to look on the 80-somethings 60 years from now.  Of course, you and I won't be around, so why should we care?!

As to what you should do on the show... I'm still waiting for some fun games like win the tweezers, etc.  Quirky and local, funny and political, were the hallmarks of your old show.  I'd like to see the same general mix.

NO sports.  To me that's entirely stoopid.

As to New Haven... I have a friend who's moving from New Haven to West Hartford, and he's a bit heartbroken to leave such a cool city with so much edgy nightlife.  He's a gay man in his late 30's, so maybe he's more in the swing of things than I am.  I live in a REALLY quiet place now... Stratford.
We can walk down the middle of the street most of the time in my neighborhood.  Great for us old folks.


Listener E-mail from Judy

Your theme song has real ear worm potential especially when you've had less than 3 hours of sleep. I'd keep it.
I appreciate your insight about current events the most.  Your humor must be too nuanced for me.  This diaries thing that's going on now is awful.  I like the segments where you correct people on things.  May I suggest a segment on the evolution from the use of irregular past tense of some verbs to regular past tense in American English?

Listener E-mail from Ellen

I love your theme song.  It’s so peppy…so unlike NPR!!  I hear it and smile.  That’s a good thing.

Delightful, really. I mean Chion. The show isn't bad either.

I agree with Ellen about the theme song being unlike NPR. But what really struck me as unusual for an NPR station is Chion. She's a riot!! I crack up every time she utters even the shortest sentence. I enjoy listening to her tremendously. I mean, Colin, you're fine, and I'm glad Chion brought you along with her to WNPR---- Just kidding, Colin.

I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know about Colin and Chion until they moved to WNPR. Anyway, I hope the show will have a very long life at WNPR. And I sure hope Chion stays. David speculates she's likely to move on soon. Colin, what can we do to keep her? Blackmail, anything...?

Patrice will go nuts reading all the nice things we men have to say about Chion. If it's any consolation for Patrice, maybe you're right. I guess it's possible that only men appreciate Chion's quircky style. Hmmm, I didn't know men can actually have good taste.

Listener E-mail from David

The best part of the whole show is that you brought Chion Wolf to a much broader audience.

I doubt you will be lucky enough to keep her too much longer!