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Is it OK to bunt during a no hitter? Steal an opponent's signals? Also, baseball's history in Hartford.


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I have this vague impression, unsupported by anything, that NPR listeners are less likely to be avid sports fans.

That's OK, because for years I wanted to do sports shows for people who care only glancingly about sports. Today is one of those rare days when a lot of things come together. The baseball season began last night with a Red Sox - Yankees game that is, I believe, just winding up about now.

Immediately after this show -- he was kind enough to time it so it would not interfere -- Tiger Woods will hold a press conference to announce ... I dunno, that he is even sorrier than he was at the last press conference.

And tonight, men's March Madness concludes with the Duke-Butler game. The weather is warm. The pitchers are pitching and the batters are batting, and all is right with the world. And so it has been, as you will learn, since the day when Mark Twain followed major league baseball in Hartford.

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