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CMS: The Ballad of Wendell Potter
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In 2007 Wendell Potter left the insurance industry and committed himself to reforming American health care.


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Allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm Colin McEnroe. I'm 55. I have severe arthritis in my right knee. I take a statin.

From the point of view of most health insurance companies, I'm an undesirable. Actually, make that ALL health insurance companies. More alarming still, I'm not really actively covered right now. I'm on what's called COBRA, the result of a federal law that allows me to continue the health insurance from my old job for a while. I'm an independent contractor here at WNPR.  It's a little nerve wracking, and my guess is, that by the end of today's show, I'm going to be even more nervous.

We'll be talking to Wendell Potter, a former insurance executive who eventually decided the system was too crazy and unfair. He switched sides and become a vocal advocate of change. I know our respective positions in this debate have begun to harden. I also hope you'll listen carefully today.

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