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From privateers to sea shanties - how have the high seas influenced Connecticut culture?


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As the weather warms up, we turn our gaze toward the sea.

Maybe not so much today, but in general, I think we do. And as we shift our gazes to the sea, it is important to remember that Connecticut has been home to pirates and privateers. And it is important to sing sea chanteys. Or at least, to know some sea chanteys. Or, at minimum, to know what a sea chantey is. It's also important to contemplate the monsters of the deep.
You know, like sharks and giant squids and scallops. We actually don't have that many sharks and giant squids here in Connecticut. But we do have a lot scallops. If provoked, they can drag a man to his watery death. If marinated and grilled, they can be very tasty.

We want to hear from you to today. Where along Connecticut's coast do you like to go? What are your favorite bait shacks and marshes and clam joints?

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Listener E-mail from Thomas

How about mentioning Stan Rogers.  I like Barrett's Privateers.



Listener E-mail from Rand

Look, the absolute best clam shack (and I grew up near the one in Mystic) is Lenny’s Indian Head in Branford. It’s a roadside place, big summer action, and the best fried clams anywhere. In the summer there’s live music and an outdoor bar on a patio overlooking the salt marsh. Amazingly it manages to be both family friendly and a quietly raucous bar. It does this by being brazenly anachronistic. The music, the décor, the vibe, it’s all like walking into 1974. (Some of the same people have probably been there the whole time, too.) There’s the enigmatically salacious name. The old roadhouse history with its rowdy ghosts. And the clams are unreal. Fresh as can be. Huge bellies. Enormous portions.

Listener E-mail from John

I just wanted to make a comment about the griswold inn in essex every monday night  is sea chanty night.