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As Theaterworks stages a play about Ann Landers, what's the state of advice columns?


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When we noticed that Theaterworks in Hartford was staging a one-woman show about the life of Ann Landers, it made us think about the modern state of the advice column. Ann and her twin sister Abby are gone, but that kind of column is not. In fact, it seems to flourish on the internet which, as Emily Yoffe from Slate and Dan Savage from Savage Love tell us on this show, adds speed and volume to the ability to interact with the readers. The ‘net is a great place to play out the whole Kabuki pageant of asking for advice, getting advice and seeing widespread reaction – both positive and negative – to both the advice and the request.

So, on this show, meet Emily and Dan and Charlotte, the woman who plays Ann Landers, and John, who built a huge art installation out of random questions from average people.

And, in the last part of the show, learn more from Emily Brooks and Linda Piotrowicz about good things to cook and eat, straight from Connecticut farms in the dead on winter.

And find out what advice columnist say when you write, “I’m so lonely, I can’t breathe.”

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