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Closing the Gap: Our Children, Our Destiny
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America's wealth keeps growing, and so does our country's divide...

The divide between the rich and the poor. Education has always been seen as a way out of poverty...a way to give every person a shot at the American dream. But our educational system is leaving children behind and it is costing our nation billions of dollars each year.

Closing the Gap: Our Children, Our Destiny examines the state of early learning in Connecticut, and looks at the issue through an economic lens.

  • Are there economic benefits to investing in early learning? If so, what kinds of return on investment can we expect?
  • Should the state of Connecticut alter how it spends economic development dollars? Would early learning projects see a greater return on investment than stadiums or convention centers?
  • Is universal pre-school necessary for Connecticut to compete in tomorrow’s economy?


In the one-hour documentary, Closing the Gap Our Children, Our Destiny, these questions are addressed.

We also examine the dilemma families face as they struggling to afford the high cost of quality daycare, while their children's teachers find it impossible to survive on a pre-school educators salary. And, we'll look at the latest results of a worldwide study on the quality of pre-school education.

  • How do you know if your child is in a quality pre-school or daycare environment?
  • What are the key ingredients of quality program in countries throughout the world?

Closing the Gap Our Children, Our Destiny, is produced by Jennifer Boyd of Boyd Productions, LLC for Connecticut Public Television. Executive Producer is Jay Whitsett.

Closing the Gap is a Connecting Our Communities production of CPTV, in partnership with our Title Sponsor, The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund.

Additional funding provided by: Making Connections, an initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation