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Stock Tank - A Southwestern Oasis
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A manmade oasis for Arizona livestock becomes an oasis for bird life, as well.


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In the southeast corner of Arizona, the roads are dusty, the mesquites scraggly. But in the middle of it all is a dense grove of trees with lush, green foliage. It’s an oasis of sorts, made possible by what in the Southwest is called a tank – short for stocktank or watering tank. A rickety windmill spins in the hot air, powering a pump lifting water from far below ground to fill a large rectangular pond. A manmade oasis for livestock becomes an oasis for bird life, as well – Blue Grosbeaks, Hooded Orioles, Green Herons, and more. A flash of red marks an aerial sortie by a Vermilion Flycatcher, like this one. These birds all take shelter in the trees of the oasis.

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