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An Evening in Sapsucker Woods - With A.A. Allen
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Enjoy a 1958 recording of Arthur Allen, of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, narrating An Evening in Sapsucker Woods.


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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology maintains the largest collection of bird sounds in the world. In 1958, Arthur Allen, the lab’s founder, described An Evening in Sapsucker Woods: “There is a charming spot in the Finger Lakes country of central New York that we know as Sapsucker Woods. Friends have given it to Cornell University to be set aside in perpetuity as a bird sanctuary. At its northern border is a woodsy pond, where the waterfowl vie with the frogs and toads to make the nights musical and interesting. … Here, the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker finds a place sufficiently cool to satisfy its Canadian urge … and rear its young south of its normal range.”

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