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Antiques Roadshow: Tampa (Hour One)
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Antiques Roadshow: Tampa (Hour One)


Tampa (Hour One)Tampa (Hour One)


Tampa (Hour One)

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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg joins appraiser David Rago in Tampa's Ybor City, a historic district once known as the "cigar capital of the world," to learn why there's nothing more satisfying than a good cigar collectible. At the Tampa Convention Center, ROADSHOW appraisers discover some smokin' finds, including an autographed scrapbook documenting Joe DiMaggio's 1941 hitting streak; a marriage license issued to Davy Crockett for a wedding that never took place; and a painting initially attributed to 19th-century marine artist James E. Buttersworth, but later identified as the work of late-19th-century artist Antonio Jacobsen — and sold at auction for a record $281,000. visit the website...

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