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AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Presidents: Jimmy Carter
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Examined: Life on a peanut farm, Watergate, Camp David Accords, and housing the homeless.


President Jimmy CarterPresident Jimmy Carter


Jimmy Carter

Aired Monday, October 6, at 9:00 p.m. on CPTV

This biography traces the ascent of an ambitious country boy from a peanut farm in Plains, Georgia, to the Oval Office; it examines the failings of Carter’s political leadership in the context of the turbulent 1970s and explores the role religion played in his career. Jimmy Carter rode into power on the post-Watergate disaffection with Washington politics, but his inexperience resulted in an ineffectual and fractured administration. The crowning achievement of his one term in office, the Camp David Accords that established a framework for peace in the Middle East, was the inspiration for his life after the White House. In the years since, Carter has recast himself as a giant of moral leadership, winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He has struggled to bring peace to war-torn countries; fought for the eradication of life-threatening diseases; and dedicated himself to housing America's poorest citizens. Learn more...

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