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So, I was checking out a new website called paper.li  It is a place that magically turns your Twitter or Facebook pages into a newpaper, your newspaper, or in this case, our newspaper,The CPBN Media Lab Daily. Suddenly my thoughts turned to Orson Welles' Citizen Kane. You see, I felt as proud of our new newspaper as Charles Foster Kane was of his 'Enquirer" 

Orson Welles as Citizen KaneTHATCHER  I happened to see your consolidated statement yesterday, Charles. Could I not suggest to you that it is unwise for you to continue this philanthropic enterprise - (sneeringly) this Enquirer - that is costing you one million dollars a year? 

KANE You're right. We did lose a million dollars last year.

Thatcher thinks maybe the point has registered.

KANE We expect to lost a million next year, too. You know, Mr. Thatcher - (starts tapping quietly) at the rate of a million a year - we'll have to close this place in sixty years.

Well actually more proud, because in addtion to publishing my first edition in minutes, it had cost nothing...zip...zilch...nada. It was free! What do you get for free? You get the collected wisdom of all the really hip, cool and plugged-in media and cultural types the Media Lab follows on Twitter. It is, "All the news we see fit to follow" so to speak.

The magic occurs when paper.li changes your links into an easy to read newspaper-style format, which collects and pre-sorts the content that matters to you- even when you are not connected 24/7.

Oh and did I mention, it automatically makes a new edition every 24 hours, because what is worse than yesterday's news, 'cause if your definition of news is that it has to be novel and new, yesterday's news is no longer new, therefore it isn't news.

However, if you didn't see it, would it still be news to you?

For you, and you know who you are, there will be an archive!

The CPBN Media Lab Daily  a special blend, brewed fresh every day at noon.

Citizen Kane photo courtesy commons.wikimedia.org