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Cat Among the Pigeons
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In this episode:

Something is amiss at Meadowbank School for Girls and only Poirot can save the school from ruin.


Hidden rubies, kidnapping, and murder disrupt the term at Meadowbank School for Girls

Masterpiece Mystery

Poirot 'Cat Among the Pigeons'

Aired Saturday, June 27 at 9:00 p.m. on CPTV

Hercule Poirot is faced with one of his toughest cases yet — one involving international espionage, a revolution in a foreign land, a missing princess and a sparkling treasure.

When revolutionaries overrun the country of Ramat, the surviving heir to the throne is spirited away to safety in England at the Meadowbank girls' school, run by the progressive Miss Bulstrode. When a bullying teacher is found stabbed through the chest with a javelin, it appears that Meadowbank may not be the safe haven it is heralded to be.

As Poirot assists Inspector Keslsey, they begin to find that some of the staff may not be quite what they appear, a situation which is compounded when another teacher is found dead and Princess Shaista is kidnapped from the school. With the life of a princess in peril, and the prized rubies of Ramat missing, it is up to Poirot to discover the ruthless killer who is the cat among the pigeons. Learn more...

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