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Chris Donovan's tenure as speaker of the Connecticut house got off to a rocky start


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Chris Donovan's tenure as speaker of the Connecticut house got off to a rocky start, just as he attempts to help get the state out of it's financial mess.   Donovan, a liberal democrat, and longtime labor organizer, took the speakers' gavel from outgoing speaker Jim Amann - the polarizing, conservative democrat who's staging a run for Governor.

In his first high profile act as speaker, Donovan attempted to hire Amann as a high-paid advisor - an idea that met with substantial public opposition before the idea was dropped.

Today, Where We Live, speaker Chris Donovan joins us to talk about the controversy - but also about the billion-dollar deficit the state faces this year - and the tough negotiations on a two year budget, which could be millions more in the red.   

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health care

For Donovan to continue to do the work of helping husky stay stable until the internal problems get fix so when SUSTINET comes into play it will be the best healthcare for every1 IN THE STATE OF CT AND OTHER STATES WILL FOLLOW..


 Thanks for your scintillating programs.  It is especially uplifting to hear Speaker Donovan talk in favor of public transportation and in particular passenger rail.  It seems clear that the economy of Connecticut is hindered by the lack of a modern, multimodal/inter-modal transportation system.

What can ordinary citizens do to help with your efforts and vision?

[email protected]



The Economy in CT

Good Morning John and Mr. Speaker,


I am unable to phone in during this hour, but would like to pose the following comment and question:


It seems to me that during a time of recession, posing more budget cuts and layoffs is only going to increase the number of people suffering.


Why must we, the working people, continue to pay for the economic mistakes and lack of long-term planning by the large corporations, financial sector and big capitalists in general?

Why are ideas such as "A People's Bailout" effectively barred from the table of discussion?

Thank you for your time and attention.