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Connecticut talk show hosts go head-to-head


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For years, Hartford Courant Columnist Colin McEnroe has lent his quirky, quick-witted, and liberal voice - to the conservative "sameness" of commerical talk radio.   His show was a mix of humor, politics, unusual phone callers - and hilarious rants on obscure topics.
Then, one month ago - after 16 years on air - he was let go by WTIC, the CBS-owned news talk station that has dominated AM radio in Connecticut for years.  The decision was typical of big corporate radio - in a tough economic climate.  The move was a shock to his fans - who flooded the station with emails, formed "Bring back Colin" groups on Facebook, and blogged about what they'd be missing in the afternoon.

Today, Where We Live, we welcome Colin McEnroe in to talk about the state of talk radio - the life of a newspaper columnist - the impact of blogs -  and his Classical Connections series with the Hartford Symphony. 

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Listener Email from Pete

I heard you and Colin McEnroe opining this am that liberal/left talk shows tend to be earnest and humorless. Obviously, you’ve never heard  Stephanie Miller (on in CT at 1150AM and 1420 AM from ten to noon) and Randi Rhodes, not to mention Al Franken when he did his afternoon show.  Thom Hartmann has a good sense of the absurd as does Ed Schulz.

Miller’s show has my vote for the funniest on radio, combining puerile raunch, showbiz dish  and highly sophisticated political and social satire--fart jokes for Mensa members, as they brag. 
And if you want to read a funny lefty blog, you can sample mine at

Pete Karman,  New Haven

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