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"There aren't enough churches in the country to hold the hordes who boast of attending."  -Hitchens


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The presidential inauguration ceremonies were filled with religious references: from the controversial Pastor Rick Warren - to the entertaining Reverend Josephy Lowrey , to President Obama's own call to Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and...non-believers.  On today's Where We Live, noted author and non-beliver  Christopher Hitchens joins us to talk God and politics .

Christopher Hitchens will be in Hartford next week on the 29th at the Bushnell for Connecticut Forum's God. Big Questions.  Bigger Questions.

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Listener email from Alex

I have watched tons of footage of Christopher’s religion debates on YouTube and believe that he makes his points against religion very well. More rare is the occasion on which Christopher speaks for something unless it’s for a hard truth. I know that he has been influenced by Albert Camus, who in his youth claimed that the only important philosophical question is whether or not to kill oneself when faced with the absurdity of human existence. So my question is: as a non-believer, what makes life worth living for Christopher Hitchens?


-Alex, New Haven


Good Wine.

Good Wine.