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TND: The Soft Pack and Andrew Bird

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This week, garage pop with a new name and Andrew Bird steps up his game.


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California's the Muslims may have changed their name--it's now the Soft Pack--but they're still sporting the same epidemically infectious pop punk. Their debut, self-titled EP on 1928 Recordings is going to be reissued under their old name in February, and these songs are going to be stuck in your head until then.

We've got old music from DJ Shadow, and it spans all the way back to his 4-track days in the early 90s. And, of course, we've got music from bands whose new LPs aren't even out yet: Fever Ray, Vetiver, and the Marked Men.

And we're topping it all off with some tracks from the new Andrew Bird LP, Noble Beast. This album isn't new ground for Bird, but he does what he does better than ever.

It's a podcast of strings and things.

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