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The Soviet-Afghan War
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Revisiting the Soviet War in Afghanistan


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It's been called the Soviet Union's Vietnam War.  The nine year invasion of Afghanistan during the end of the Cold War seemed endless and inconclusive, with the Afghan mujahedeen eventually defeating the Red Army through the use of unconventional warfare tactics.  

The war was the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union, and it's influence as a superpower.  It also set the stage for a new era of instability in the region, and the rise of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

NPR Moscow Correspondent Greg Feifer's new book, "The Great Gamble" explores the war through the eyes of soldiers on both sides, and gives a detailed account of it's political and military origins.  

As the US gets ready to commit more troops to an increasingly tough battle in Afghanistan, we'll talk about what we can learn from the Soviets about conflict in this troubled country. 

Join the conversation! What are the lessons of the Soviet War in Afghanistan - and do you think we've learned them yet?   Add your suggestions, questions and comments below. 

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