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The Obama Cabinet
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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As he prepares for office, Barack Obama carefully selects his "dream team"


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As barack obama stocks his cabinet with veterans of the Clinton administration, many are wondering whether this is the type of forward looking administration they'd hoped for.

With the announcement of former Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson as commerce secretary, the president elect continues to stage a return to the 1990s in the White House.  
Obama says he's is combining "experience with fresh thinking", emphasizing that he provides the vision for change.  But will he really be able to mix things up in Washington?  Will he deliver the "change" he promised?


Bill curry served in the Clinton administration - and knows many of these key players.  Today, our Democratic political analyst joins us to give us an inside look at what a new administration might look like.  We'll also talk with political columnist Margaret Carlson - and with you...Join the conversation - are you happy with what  the new administrations done so far?  Is this the change you're expecting

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Listener email from Jon Rodgers

I think Obama's picks display a measured and careful approach to assembling a team of talented people around him. I am an Obama supporter and worked for his campaign and I am not at all disappointed.  Remember, the important thing is who is at the helm.

Thanks - Jon, New Haven