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Mid-Size Mayors Mobilize
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Mid-size Connecticut cities are coming together


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Mid-sized towns in Connecticut are coming together to set priorities for this legislative session - and find new ways to make it through an economic crisis. 

The Mayors of West Hartford, East Hartford and Middletown are leading a legislative agenda that caters to the needs of their mid-sized towns.  As many as 17 communities are working together on the project - the latest in a series of signs that "regionalization" is the buzzword for 2009.  But these towns aren't drawn together so much by geography, as by common purpose - to differentiate their needs from those of the larger urban communities like Hartford and Bridgeport....and to capitalize on economic stimulus money coming from the federal government.

Today Where We Live, we’ll talk to mayors Scott Slifka, Melody Currey and Sebastian Giuliano about how they’re working together to deal with the budget crisis, and what they’re asking for from the state. 

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mayors sharing resources

Listened this morning to Ct mayors looking for ways to pay for services they can't afford.

No one mentioned the cost of providing services to the  growing number of illegal aliens and their offspring. Is anyone looking at the out of state license plates? Based upon what I see daily in New Haven, there is a huge property tax windfall waiting to be tapped in getting them registerd in Ct.

It's too easy for these Mayors to be generous with other peoples resources. I wish they would stop giving away my stuff.

I do wish them luck in getting the State to stop Mandating without funding.