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Legislative Preview
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A look at the upcoming legislative session


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Connecticut kicks off it's 2009 legislative session this morning with new leadership in the House and big economic troubles at the state and municipal levels.  Later today, Governor Jodi Rell officiallly kicks off the session with an address to lawmakers, but the tone has already been set.  The country's recession has hit Connecticut hard, drastically cutting tax revenues, and throwing the state into what could become a multi-billion dollar deficit.The Governor's plan to fill this gap includes difficult cuts to services at the state level - but also has prompted a serious discussion with municipal leaders.  

Today on Where We Live,  we'll preview this legislative session - broadcasting live from the lower press room at the State Capitol.  We'll talk with House and Senate leadership from the Democratic and Republican parties about their agendas - and with reporters covering the impacts of the fiscal crisis on Connecticut.  



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