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Interfaith Marriage
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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What role does religion play when it comes to marriage?


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The so-called "millennial generation" is marked by a sort of inclusiveness, that breaks down many traditional racial, ethnic and religious barriers. That often extends to their choice of partners. But despite these trends, many couples face pressures from family and society over their interfaith marriages. On the next Where We Live- a new study by a UCONN sociologist looks at the dynamics of Jewish/Christian marriages.

We'll also hear about young American Muslims - another group grasping onto the traditions of their parents and grandparents, at the same time living in a complex interfaith, intercultural world. In a Pew Research Center Poll of Muslim Americans released last year, 54% of women said interfaith marriage is acceptable - compared with 70% of men.


Join the conversation!  Tell us about your interfaith experience.  Is religion an important factor when it comes to marriage?  Add your suggestions, questions and comments below. 



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Thank you so much for doing this story.  other information and resources for interfaith couples, families and extended families can be found on a great website www.interfaithfamily.com.  Additionally the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford sponsors interfath discussion groups for couples and grandparents and that information can be found on www.jewishhartford.org.

Thank you!