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WWL: Insights from the Inauguration
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Celebrating the Inauguration from the comfort of our Hartford studios...


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Today, Barack Obama is sworn in as the first African American President of the United States - and millions will witness the event in Washington.

People from around the nation were drawn to the long strip of parkland called the national Mall - despite choking crowds, tight security, limited accommodations - and cold weather...all to be part of history.  

Among those millions - thousands from Connecticut.  Today, Where We Live, we'll talk live with listeners and other residents who are getting ready for the inauguration - which is now only a few hours away.  We'll get their reactions and insight, and hear a bit of their hopes and dreams for the new administration.

We'll also be joined by Trinity College professor - and regular political commentator Renny Fulco - and we'll take your calls.  How are you planning to watch, or to celebrate? 

Join the conversation!  Add your questions, suggestions and comments below. 

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continued participation

You were just asking about continued participation inspired by President Obama.  I feel like I finally understand what it means to have a former community organizer as president.  On Sunday, my family watched a clip of the president-elect calling for service in honor of Martin Luther King Day, and were inspired to do a last-minute event. We had thirty-some friends and neighbors join us last night for a potluck to which people also brought a contribution to the local soup kitchen (Covenant Soup Kitchen in Willimantic).  Then the 30 of us (probably half of us Jews!) went down to Calvary Baptist church to share in their service celebrating Martin Luther King's legacy.  The whole evening felt full of blessing, and happened because Obama knows how and cares to use all the tools he has available to organize people to do things for each other and for our country.  So I expect the continued participation that will  be necessary to face our challenges.