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Inside Afghanistan
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Life in Afghanistan through the eyes of two Americans doing development work


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President-elect Barack Obama has continually said that the war in Afghanistan will require more US troops and attention in the coming years.  This in response to a worsening security situation in that country, as Iraq has slowly stabilized.  Obama has also made it clear that success in Afghanistan is part of a larger picture that includes relations with neighboring Pakistan, India, and Iran.  But he also said this weekend that the effort should not just be military, that development of that country must take off, because, in his words "The average Afhan farmer hasn't seen any improvement in his life."

Today on Where We Live, a look at Afghanistan through the eyes of two Americans who are trying to help make those improvements.  Coming up Steven Landrigan, a former journalist who’s spent most of the last five years in Afghanistan working on development projects.  He'll be speaking at the World Affairs Council of Connecticut Thursday the 11th at 5:30. He'll talk about the world of Afghan carpets and the stories of the people making the industry work for Afghanistan. 

But first, you may know the name Sarah Chayes as a former foreign correspondent for NPR, who now lives in Afghanistan.   She runs a cooperative that buys products from local farmers and makes soap and skin care products for export.  She's author of “The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan after the Taliban.”   We talked with Sarah Chayes on Friday, from her home in Khandahar, about what daily life is like there, the challenges of rebuilding a war-torn nation, and what America needs to do to help Afghans find stability and win the war on terror.

After the show, John asked Steven Landrigan about his efforts to bring a Shakespearean play to life in Afghanistan. Check out that story below!

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Shakespeare in Afghanistan

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