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The Bush Administration isn't on the holiday gift list for too many environmental groups this year


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Environmental Groups expect a big change coming in January.  But what will that change look like?  From his list of picks to run environmental agencies, President-elect Barack Obama has worried some environmentalists that his administration might be too cozy with big business and big agriculture to make any big change.  But, on the other hand - he did pick a Nobel Laureate to head up the energy department.

Today, Where We Live, we'll talk about the priorities of the incoming administration with our state's environemtnal chief - DEP commissioner Gina McCarthy.  

We'll also discuss the northeast carbon auction - and her environmental agenda for the state legislature.

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The Preserve

Commisioner McCarthy,

Thank you for your committed leadership in Connecticut.

Many people in the lower CT River valley are eager to learn about progress in the state's acquisiton of "The Preserve," a 1,000 acre environmentally sensitive woodland parcel that is threatened by development in Old Saybrook, Essex and Westbrook.  Did the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers present the state with an opportunity to make this acquisition at a bargain price?  Are negotiations in progress through the Governor's office or through yours? 

Listener Email

I am curious how Commissioner McCarthy thinks we can continue to fund the already underfunded programs at the DEP while there are decreasing revenues for the state.  Two options I am aware of are expanding the bottle deposit while ending the giveaways to the bottling industry and taxing the throwaway plastic bags that cause so much visual pollution and kill wildlife.

Thank you,

New Haven