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Congressman-Elect Himes
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Congressman-Elect Jim Himes joins the conversation


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Fresh off his upset of the last New England Republican in the House, Congressman elect Jim Himes is getting ready for Washington. 

Himes arrives in his new job at a critical time - in the middle of a recession, with crises in two areas of his expertise: housing and banking.  In the next few days, he'll be talking with constituents in Stamford and Bridgeport about the economic crisis.  

Today, Where We Live, we'll give you a chance to talk to the former Wall Street executive about how he's preparing for his new job, representing the 4th Congressional District - and we'll find out what role he hopes to play in getting the state and the country out of an economic crisis. 

Join the conversation!  Add your questions, suggestions and comments below. 

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Listener Email from Bur

Congratulations to Jim Himes on his election.
I tried to help -- not a big deal, but several thousands of us Democrat volunteers collectively plus Jim's amazingly articulate stump speech made the difference, compared to Diane Farrell two years ago.
As you said, the Financial Services Industry needs to be better regulated.  We (Weston DTC) posted on our blog an article with recommendations for regulatory reform.  Would you like to read it?  Where should we send it?