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Budgetary Woes
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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State officials are looking at plans to fill the growing budget deficit


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Governor Jodi Rell is calling the state legislature into special session before the start of the regular session to vote on another "deficit mitigation" plan. Today, Where We Live, we decided to take a look back at another administration, faced with a massive budget deficit - that made a controversial move that still rankles some in Connecticut - the institution of a state income tax.  

The Governor was Independent Lowell Weicker - A former Republican in charge of state government after a long career in the Senate.  His point man was Bill Cibes - the director of the Office of Policy and Management - who'd run his own Democratic campaign for Governor - with the income tax as part of his platform.

We'll talk with both of them about making tough decisions - with lasting consequences - in a time of crisis.  We'll also talk with our regular political commentator Bill Curry - who was the state comptroller at the time. 

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Thanks for ruining my day with the interview. Why put this man on just before the holiday. He's a liar and still trying to prove otherwise.


By the way 90.5 is no longer on my radio