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Victor Navasky
Executive Editor
Columbia Journalism Review

Victor S. Navasky is the author, among other books, of Kennedy Justice (1971), Naming Names (which won a National Book Award, 1982) and A Matter of Opinion (which won the George Polk Book Award, 2005).

He worked as an editor of The New York Times Magazine, where he also wrote a column, "In Cold Print" for The New York Times Book Review. Beginning in 1978, he was editor and then publisher of The Nation, America's oldest weekly magazine, where he is now Publisher Emeritus. He has freelanced for scores of magazines.

He is a graduate of Swarthmore College (Phi Beta Kappa, 1954), and the Yale Law School, 1959, where he founded, edited and published Monocle Magazine, "a leisurely quarterly of political satire".

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