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Timothy Jay
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Jay began teaching at MCLA shortly after earning his doctorate in Cognitive Psychology at Kent State University 1976. Dr. Jay teaches Introduction to Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Human Communication and Perception, Environmental Psychology, and Language and Censorship. He is the recipient of several distinguished teaching awards. A world-renowned expert in cursing, Dr. Jay maintains an active schedule of research, writing and speaking. He has published numerous books and chapters on cursing, and recently published a textbook for Prentice Hall on The Psychology of Language. Dr. Jay works closely with undergraduates on empirical research projects, and he and his students have presented their work at numerous conferences including meetings of the Association for Psychological Science, Eastern Psychological Association, New England Psychological Association. Dr. Jay is frequently sought for his expertise on psycholinguistics. He has served as a consultant to a number of school systems, and has been an expert witness in legal cases pertaining to obscenity and censorship. Furthermore, Dr. Jay has been interviewed or featured in dozens of radio shows, televisions programs, and documentary films.

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