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Thomas Sheridan
Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut

Thomas A. (Tony) Sheridan emigrated from Ireland to New London at age 19. He became a licensed plumber and pipe fitter with Local 305. Tony earned his high school equivalency with New London Continuing Education, graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in urban affairs, and was awarded a Watson Fellowship to study worker participation in decision-making in several European countries.

After his fellowship he completed his MA in organizational psychology, worked for the Town of Waterford as Development Coordinator, and for Connecticut College for 13 years as Director for Human Resources. Throughout this time he volunteered on numerous local boards and agencies.

Tony was elected to one term as minority Selectman of Waterford and subsequently was elected First Selectman for four terms. Major accomplishments as Selectman included the organizing of a plan for conservation and development for the town and founding and chairing the Council of Governments (COG).

Following his tenure as First Selectman, Tony served as External Relations Consultant for Northeast Utilities and as Manager of Community Relations for Dominion Nuclear CT. Currently he is the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut where he is organizing regional forces to promote and support regional business.

Tony lives in Waterford with his wife Peggy, a professor at Connecticut College. They have two sons, Keenan who is a teacher at Cushing Academy in Massachusetts and Tosh who is a professional musician in New York City.

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