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Steve Dahlberg
International Centre for Creativity and Imagination

Steven Dahlberg is director of the Connecticut-based International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, a firm dedicated to applying creativity to improve the well-being of individuals, organizations and communities. Dahlberg has nearly 20 years of experience promoting and teaching creative thinking and problem solving in the United States, South Africa, Europe and Asia. He collaborates regularly with artists, scientists, business people, educators, museum professionals, community leaders and others to help people deliberately unleash and harness their creative thinking skills. Clients apply their creativity to engaging people in their community, building partnerships and teams, integrating creativity into learning, improving innovation, developing new products, enhancing communications and marketing, doing creative problem solving, providing professional development, and linking public art and creativity.

Dahlberg also serves as associate director and faculty member in the Creative Community Building Program at the University of Connecticut, where he teaches the "Creativity + Social Change" undergraduate course. He serves as an adviser to the Guggenheim Museum's "The Art of Problem Solving" research project. He has worked with corporations, schools, nonprofits, government agencies and communities including Americans for the Arts, Guggenheim Museum, Danbury Public Schools, HJ Heinz, Seagate Technology, 3M, PDMA, VNU Business Media, Yahoo-sponsored Creativity and Cognition workshop, General Mills, Rhode Island College, Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, Americans for Libraries Council, University of Connecticut, Center for Learning in Retirement, Creativity Beyond Borders, Hartford Public Library, WindhamARTS Center, University of St. Thomas, and World Knowledge Forum (South Korea).

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