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Steve Campo
Executive Director

Founded in 1985 by its Artistic and Executive Director, Steve Campo, TheaterWorks is dedicated to a single compelling mission: to produce the most engaging, entertaining, and relevant theater possible.

Over the course of its history, TheaterWorks has staged more than 100 major plays and currently presents close to 250 performances each season. The company has nearly 6,000 subscribers, almost 40,000 individual annual attendances, and an operating budget of just under $2 million.

TheaterWorks further extends its artistic mission through its Education and Outreach Program, which provides free tickets to thousands of students, as well as nearly 100 different non-profit community organizations.

In addition to its artistic activities, the company owns, free-and-clear, the landmark 1927 Art Deco Building at 233 Pearl Street in downtown Hartford, valued at over $2,000,000. Besides housing TheaterWorks, this historic property provides a permanent home for an entire family of small non-profit arts organizations.

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