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Stan Brock
Remote Area Medical

Remembered by many as the co-star of the television series Wild Kingdom, Stan Brock grew up with the Wapishana Indians in the Central Amazon Basin. "We were 25-35 day's march to the nearest town with no health care," reports Stan, who eventually cut the trip to two hours by becoming a pilot.

Before founding Remote Area Medical® and coming to Knoxville, TN where he now lives, Stan Brock spent 15 years as general manager of the Rupununi Development Company Dadanawa Ranch (Guyana), the world's largest tropical cattle ranch (area 4,000 square miles, 40,000 cattle, 2,000 horses, 1,200 sheep); with extensive range management, beef marketing, and veterinary experience; was fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and Wapishana.

Stan Brock has a rich background in exploration and discovery - he was a pioneer Amazon bush-pilot ; a noted authority on wildlife conservation and management; and an expert on rainforests and their inhabitants. He became a Research Associate of the Royal Ontario Museum, Department of Mammalogy and is the discoverer of the new species of bat now known to science as Vampyresa brockii, in the northern Amazon Basin.

Known to millions throughout the world as co-host and associate producer of NBC's Wild Kingdom, the most popular weekly wildlife series ever broadcast on American television. He was director, writer, and narrator of another television series Stan Brock's Expedition Danger, and starred in the motion pictures Forgotten Wilderness, Galyon, The Indestructable Man, and Escape from Angola. Brock is an Airline Transport Pilot with Flight Instructor certificates, a skilled writer on a variety of subjects; publishedauthor of five books in hard-cover and numerous articles in Reader's Digest and other publications, and a physical fitness
expert.; 1st Cho Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Karate.

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