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Samantha Henig
Associate Editor

Samantha Henig is the associate editor of DoubleX. Before coming to Slate full-time, she worked at Newsweek (just a few floors away!) as a reporter for the Periscope section, which was a finalist for this year's National Magazine Award for best magazine section. She entered the Slate world by writing for the "Explainer" column, then moved into multimedia for Slate V with a series on naughty pleasures called "Vice Capades." She was also, for a glorious nine months, the voice of the Explainer podcast. She has written for Newsweek, the Boston Globe, Columbia Journalism Review, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Sam grew up outside D.C. and attended Cornell, where she co-founded the still-awesome Kitsch magazine, and now lives in Brooklyn. Her weekends are spent watching reruns of 90210 on the Soap network and going to Prospect Park to ogle babies in oversized hats.

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