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Sam Hatch
Culture Correspondent

Sam "Underwater" Hatch hails from the green woods of Vernon where men are men and cows are scared. I mean sacred. Over the eons he has indulged in a number of distractions; screenwriting, rocking the six string, scratching the wax and amassing home theater gear being a few of them. Even with all of those distractions, going to the movies still remains his biggest vice. As one half of the Culture Dogs pack, he prides himself on being a lover of both the important art film and your average run-of-the mill blockbuster.

In other words, he's one of those annoying guys who refuses to call Citizen Kane the best film of all time. He'll say that he can enjoy its technical achievements until the (scared) cows come home, but until the story really moves him it'll never reach number one in his book. What a jerk. He'll also point out that he already knows Vertigo is the best film of all time. Okay, so the latter isn't exactly a run-of-the-mill blockbuster, or a blockbuster at all for that matter.

But enough of this character profiling nonsense - let's jump right into the important biography stuff. Sam was born “back in tha day” in lovely Hartford, Connecticut. Fed on a steady diet of drive-in trash and car chase flicks, he eventually experienced Star Wars at the tender age of (almost) five in 1977, and generally freaked out. For many years, he was essentially raised in the first Video Studio stores in those halcyon days of top-loading VCRs and MCA Discovision Laserdisc players. A constant fixture thanks to a parent who worked there, his tiny self would often recommend Apocalypse Now to random video shoppers without batting an eye. An insane parent also allowed that innocent eye (and its identical adjacent neighbour) to view such films as Halloween, Animal House and of course the family friendly A Clockwork Orange. He has since devolved into a deeply, deeply disturbed individual.