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Ryan Healy
Brazen Careerist Inc.

Ryan Healy is Co-Founder of Brazen Careerist. After graduating from Penn State in 2006, he started his career in Washington DC as a financial consultant with IBM Global Business Services. A couple months later, he and his friend Ryan Paugh started the Generation Y career blog, Employee Evolution. In early 2008, Healy and Ryan Paugh partnered up with Penelope Trunk to launch Brazen. Today Healy lives in Madison, Wisconsin, spending the majority of his time developing new product strategies and working closely with the development team to create unique features and products for the community. The rest of his time is spent keeping an eye on finances and traveling the country to speak with current and potential corporate clients. Recently Healy was selected to attend as one of 25 nationally recognized Human Resource thought leaders, a Future of Work Conference sponsored by Accenture. He regularly speaks at conferences, organizations and universities on topics ranging from workplace flexibility to bridging the generation gap. He has also been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Business Week and has appeared as a spokesperson for the new generation of workers on CBS's 60 Minutes and National Public Radio.

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