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Russell L. Goings
The Children of Children Keep Coming

Russell Goings, a native of Stamford, is a former professional football player for the Buffalo Bills and the first African American branch manager of a New York Stock Exchange Firm; the owner of the first African American brokerage firm to have a seat on the New York Stock Exchange; the first chairman and founder of Studio Museum in Harlem; and the first chairman and founder of Essence magazine.

Russell’s book “The Children of Children Keep Coming: An Epic GriotSong,” begins with two anonymous slaves running to catch the Freedom Train, where at journey’s end they hope to find liberation.” Interspersed in the book are imaginary and mythological people as well as “giants” such as Frederick Douglass, Billie Holiday, Hank Aaron, Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks. This multi-layered odyssey is strung together seamlessly by poetry and prose, blues and gospel, hymns and jazz, and work songs and prayers – generations of children keep coming who keep believing and asking, “Is this the day freedom will come?”

Russell came to Fairfield University several years ago, determined to finish this extraordinary project. He studied under award-winning poet Kim Bridgford, Ph.D., professor of English at Fairfield (the 2007 Connecticut Poetry Circuit Poet) ,who wrote the introduction to the Children of Children Keep Coming. From her intro: “The Children of Children Keep Coming is a unique and profound contribution to American literature. It is extraordinary in its ability to place the Afro-American experience in the greater context of the universal experience of humanity itself.”