Featured Profile

Renny Fulco
Associate Professor of Legal and Policy Studies
Trinity College

Professor Fulco is an Associate Professor and Director of the Public Policy
and Law Program who teaches courses that focus on the intersection of law,
politics, and public policy. She offers a broad range of courses on topics
that include constitutional rights and liberties, the policy process, the
Supreme Court, and gender discrimination. Professor Fulco is also the
Faculty Coordinator of the Legal Studies Minor and serves as the Pre-Law
Advisor for students interested in attending law school. Some of her recent
courses include: Introduction to American Public Policy, Sexual Orientation
and the Law, Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties, The Judicial
Role in Shaping Public Policy, and Current Issues Seminar: The Rehnquist

Professor Fulco received her B.A. from Boston University and her Ph.D. from
the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is a member of
the Conference for the Study of Political Thought and the New England
Political Science Association.

Professor Fulco has presented her works at professional conferences in the
United States and abroad, and has served as a political commentator for
local and national media. Her most recent publications which focus on the
role of the courts in shaping public discourse have appeared in the Journal
of Church and State.