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Preston Maynard
Director of VA Homeless Services Program
VA Homeless Services Program

Preston Maynard is the Director of VA Homeless Services Program in Connecticut and works on getting veteran's a place to live. Maynard runs a homeless services program at the Veterans Administration’s (VA) Errera Community Care Center right over the West Haven town line. About "thirty to 40 homeless vets come to his clinic each month for help, part of a statewide homeless vet army estimated at 3,000 to 4,000 a year".

The Errera Community Care Center provides a continuum of  psychosocial, medical and educational services that range from acute to long-term rehabilitation and includes job training. Services provided include crisis intervention, housing, case management, education/skills training, recreation/creative arts therapy and vocational rehabilitation. The program also supports the veterans in finding longer-term homes.

Maynard also works with not-for-profit housing groups, like the Community Loan Fund and Columbus House, to develop transitional and long-term supportive centers for vets complete with on-site counseling.

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