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Paul Gunter
Director of Reactor Oversight
Beyond Nuclear

Paul Gunter covers all aspects of the nuclear fuel chain with a special focus on reactor operations. He is currently the director of the Reactor Oversight Project for Beyond Nuclear. Mr. Gunter is a recipient of the 2008 Jane Bagley Lehman Award presented by the Tides Foundation for his work as a public advocate and organizing to halt nuclear power production.

He previously served for 16 years as the Director of the Reactor Watchdog Project for Nuclear Information and Resource Service. He is a lead spokesperson on nuclear reactor hazards and security issues and acts as the regulatory watchdog over the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the nuclear power industry. 

He was a cofounder of the antinuclear Clamshell Alliance in 1976 to oppose the construction of the Seabrook (NH) nuclear power plant through non-violent direct action which in a protracted campaign of more than 14 years helped establish the antinuclear movement in the United States. Mr. Gunter was also a principle organizer in New England to successfully oppose the Department of Energy’s 1985 search among crystalline rock (granite) sites for a proposed second high-level radioactive waste repository.

Mr. Gunter was responsible for 100 of 135 town meetings in New Hampshire to adopt local warrant articles “opposing the burial, storage, transportation and production of high-level radioactive waste in the state of New Hampshire.” The political opposition to the second repository search was so intense at many of the granite sites that the DOE abandoned the second repository eastern search in the United States in the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1987. An environmental activist, community organizer and energy policy analyst, he has been an ardent critic of atomic power development for more than 33 years.

Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future. Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, benign and democratic. The Beyond Nuclear team works with diverse partners and allies to provide the public, government officials, and the media with the critical information necessary to move humanity toward a world beyond nuclear. Beyond Nuclear

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