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Paul Bloom
New Haven Zen Center

Paul Bloom graduated from Brandeis University in 1966 and got a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University in 1970. He has worked continuously since then in the world of furniture design and manufacture, opening Bloom Design LLC in 1993.

Paul has practiced meditation since 1975, and has studied under Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn since 1986. He has served as Head Dharma of the New Haven Zen Center and was authorized as Senior Dharma Teacher in the International Kwan Um School of Zen by Seung Sahn in 1994. He worked with Subagh Singh, a Brandeis classmate, in helping to think through some of the early wonderings about the Mystic Heart program at Chautauqua, and was installed as Abbot of the New Haven Zen Center in Nov. 2007.

Paul is also a poet, a photographer, the proud grandfather of 2 wonderful grandchildren  and spends what time he can walking the high back country. Paul lives in New Haven with his wife, a life coach, author and motivational expert.

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