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Ned Lamont

Ned is the Founder and Chairman of Lamont Digital Systems, Inc. (LDS), Greenwich, CT founded in 1984. LDS designs, installs and manages private telecommunications systems for 250 college campuses serving over one million students.

Ned has taught political science at The Harvard Institute of Politics, and the Yale School of Management and is Distinguished Professor in Political Science and Philosophy at Central Connecticut State University.

In 2006 Ned was a Democratic Nominee for US Senate in Connecticut and lost the general election to Joseph Lieberman in November.

Ned is on the Board of Directors for the Conservation Services Group, Teach for America/Connecticut, and Mercy Corps. Ned is also the Co-Chairman for Committee for Connecticut’s Future, an independent bipartisan board providing public policy research, sponsored by Central Connecticut State University. Ned is on the Dean’s Council at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government as well as a council member at the Brookings Institution.

Ned received his Masters degree in Public and Private Management at The Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT and his BA at Harvard College, Cambridge, MA.

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